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Badger Class

Welcome to badger class

Mrs Hayes and Mrs Yeates are the  class teachers and Mrs Mead is the teaching assistant in Badger Class. Mr Trenchard helps in here throughout the week.

We value play in Reception and know that children learn best when they are active and engaged. You will see the doors to our beautiful garden are open all day as children free-flow between the inside and outside environments. We work together as a team in Badger Class, treating people and resources with respect. Even though we are the youngest in the school, we are bright, inquisitive, independent and creative! 

We are celebrating!

Find out more about how we achieved The Bristol Standard  in our News section here


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Yoga in term 4

Badger class were lucky enough to have a yoga class with yoga teacher Carolyn on Monday. Carolyn will be teaching yoga every Monday throughout Term 4. The children were very relaxed afterwards, Roxy said, "My favourite bit was when Bertie Butterfly landed on me.". Finley added, "I liked playing What's The Time Mr Wolf."

mystery reader...Image result for mystery

We are looking for parents and carers (this includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.) to read a story to Badger Class. If you would like to come in and read a favourite story to the children, please let a member of the team know. Your identity will be kept as a surprise for the children until the moment you appear from behind your book! 

Christmas is definitely here!

Badger class have been enjoying the build up to Christmas by having Christmas dinner with a special grown-up at school and also performing in our 'home-made' nativity. The nativity was extra special because the children wrote it themselves and decided what they would like to be. Most importantly of all they had lots of fun singing, acting and dancing on stage for their families. Enjoy the festive photos below...

Learning detectives! 

In Reception we have been talking about the learning that children are doing as they play. To help support our thinking, the class have looked at photos of themselves at play and discussed  what we think the learning was and what the next steps might be. The children have really taken ownership of this and have been keen to become learning detectives too, by taking photos of their friends "doing good learning"! See if you can spot the photos the children took independently...

manor woods & town library

We had a fantastic time at Manor Woods. We were out for two hours and crossed streams, built dens, collected sticks and ran through the woods! A huge thank you must be given to all the parents and carers that made this brilliant trip possible. Enjoy the photos below...


We are still awaiting reply slips for the town library visits and will let you know asap whether the visits can go ahead. In previous years, Reception children have had a wonderful time during our library visits and we really hope we can continue this year. Please let us know if you can walk with us as without your valued support, the visits can not go ahead. 

toasty tuesdays

Badger class enjoyed making their own toast for snack time today. The toast cost 10p and the children had to pay for the toast and get their change themselves. After that Mrs Hayes showed them how to use a toaster safely and was on hand to help. Then it was time to spread the butter, some children found it tricky at first but we know they'll find it easier with lots of practise! And of course the washing-up needed to be done afterwards, everyone washed and dried their plate ready for the next person.

If you want to have toast too, remember to bring 10p every Tuesday. 

Settling in

The first term is coming to an end and the children in Badger class are finding their feet. We are incredibly proud of every single one of them, starting school is a huge step and they have done so well. Every day we love watching them learn and grow, build friendships and try new things. We are very excited to see what term 2 will bring.

boom chicka boom!

In Badger class we love to sing and dance. It increases our confidence and helps with our physical development too. One of the songs you may have been hearing at home is this one, it's very funny and gets all of us moving and laughing. 

Phonics Workshop for parents & carers

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that attended the workshop in school. If you were unable to attend, but would be interested in an early evening workshop then please come and let us know. If we have enough interest, we will hold a second session.


Below is the PowerPoint Presentation we shared during the morning, with lots of great information to help you support your child with reading and writing. 


PE will be every Wednesday morning starting when the children are in school full-time. Your child will need a plain white T-shirt and black shorts. They will need black daps from Term 4. Please make sure all items are named! 

we need your junk!

Thank you so much for all of the junk modelling materials you have donated so far. We have also had donations of old wallpaper rolls, notebooks, wool, fabric, sequins, googly eyes and pipe cleaners!! As you can imagine, all of this is extremely useful and we are very grateful. Don't hesitate to bring something in if you think it could be fun for us to use, it is safe and you no longer need it. 

reading morning every thursday

We welcome parents or carers into the classroom from 8:50 until 9:10 every Thursday. This is a lovely opportunity to share a book with your child. Don't worry if you can't always make it, we always ensure your little one sits with another adult they know or one of us.                 PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO READING MORNING ON 14th SEPTEMBER AS CHILDREN ARE STILL SETTLING IN.