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Governors are Volunteers and they support and challenge the School's leadership to ensure that every child gets the best education possible and that all children make progress to be the best that they can be.


Here at Chandag Infant School, we are striving to become an outstanding School and the Governors meet regularly throughout the year to review what is happening within the school.  The Governors attend the LGB (Local Governing Body, previously called Full Governing Body or FGB) to consider what has been discussed at Committee level and to review and agree any decisions that may be required.  The LGB meetings allow all Governors to have a fair view of the school and its standards and what is working well, and what areas need to be a focus to ensure that we are even better.


Governors look closely at all areas of the school.  These are financial, personnel, building maintenance, health, safety and wellbeing of all, as well as looking at the standards of progress and attainment for the children, and the curriculum.  Each area is reviewed regularly and reported back at the LGBs, where as a collective we make decisions to shape the school.


Clerk to Governors is Lucy Bees (the Clerk is the official notetaker and doesn't take part in any of the discussions or decisions made by the Governing body)

If you would like more information about Governance, please do not hesitate to contact the School office, or Lucy Bees our clerk to Governors, at




Governors hold an important public office. In the interests of transparency, details of the Governors at Chandag Infant School are as follows:


Name Position Appointment start date Appointment end date Appointed by
Amanda Haskins  Chair – (Co-opted Governor) 11-Mar-15 10-Mar-19 Governing Body
Stuart McManus Vice Chair (Co-opted Governor) 22-Sep-15 21-Sep-19 Governing Body
Simon Butler Co-opted Governor 11-Mar-15 10-Mar-19 Governing Body
Trish Nethercott Co-opted Governor 11-Mar-15 10-Mar-19 Governing Body
Catherine Phillips Co-opted Governor 22-Sep-15 21-Sep-19 Governing Body
Andrew Muncer Parent Governor 31-Jan-14 30-Jan-18 Governing Body
Annie Smart Staff Governor (Headteacher) 01-Jan-14 ongoing Governing Body
Damian Vicary Parent Governor 07-Feb-18 07-Feb-22 Governing Body
Anna Seal Staff governor (shared role with H.Bancroft) 01-Sep-17 01-Sep-21 Governing Body
Helen Bancroft Staff governor (shared role with A.Seal) 01-Sep-17 01-Sep-21 Governing Body


  • All Governors at Chandag Infant School serve a term of office of 4 years.


Register of Governors' interests 

Declarations of interest are raised at each meeting and governors are expected to declare any new interests at and between meetings should they arise. 


No conflicts of interest are recorded for governors of the school at this time.



At Chandag Infant School we also have specific named Governors and these are:


SEN Governor

Catherine Phillips

Pupil Premium Governor

 Catherine Phillips

Safeguarding Governor

Amanda Haskins

Looked After Children

Catherine Phillips

Wellsway Multi Academy Trust

Wellsway Multi Academy Trust is a partnership of schools which span the Bristol - Keynsham - Bath area that are now working together to provide a high quality educational experience for all students in their care.


Further information about the governance structure of the MAT can be found here


Articles of Association for Wellsway MAT can be found here.


Annual report and financial statement for 2017 for Wellsway MAT can be found here.


The Scheme of Delegation can be found here.  The Scheme of Delegation describes how Wellsway Multi Academy Trust is governed and managed. It particularly describes the relationship between trustees, governors and the executive team and how they comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.





School Governors represent the largest volunteer workforce in the country - there are around 350,000 of them!


The Governing body of Chandag Infant School has 14 Governor positions, including 4 for parent Governors. Parent Governors are elected by parents at the school. They are vital to the governing body because they can raise the issues that concern our parents.


For more information on becoming a Governor at our school, please contact Amanda Haskins via our school office.



What did the governors of Chandag Infant School do over the last year?


We made a number of visits to the school, to meet with staff and children including the annual Governor Event, where we come in with a focus to look for impact of new strategies put in place for the targeted areas set out in the School Improvement Plan.


We took part in Interview Panels, including interviewing for a new Deputy Headteacher.


We conducted our Health and Safety walks to review what is happening within the school grounds, and discuss what needs improvement, feeding back these findings to Full Governors meeting.


We completed and implemented the decision to become an Academy with the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust.


We looked at the school's results and other test/assessment information, and compared them with previous years – and other schools.


We helped develop and approved the School Improvement Plan for the year.


We looked at Writing and Maths progress throughout the school, and identified where it was good and where further development was necessary.


We reviewed a number of the school’s policies – e.g. Special Needs ,Teaching and Learning, the More Able and Anti-Bullying.


Visited the school to conduct a pupil voice exercise to measure impact of new strategies.


The Chair of Governors conducts regular catch up sessions with the Headteacher.


Several Governors have attended training sessions to keep up to date with good practice, including training on Safeguarding and the Single Central Record.


We met with our staff partners to conduct Link Governor meeting to discuss priorities in each subject.