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Welcome to Hedgehog Class!


Mrs Gurnsey is the Class Teacher and Mrs Roach and Miss Johnson share the role of Teaching Assistant. Mrs Roach works on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Johnson on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

In Hedgehog class we value play and know that this is how children learn best. We love children to choose their own learning and have the freedom to get out any resources that they would like to help enhance their play. You will see that our classroom runs as a free-flow between Badger class and also the outside garden area. Whatever the weather the outside doors stay open for the children to be able to make choices of where they would like to play. 

In Hedgehog class we value everyone and we follow our daily routines and class rules with care. We show respect to both the other children around us and also the adults.

We are a really happy bunch and look forward to having an amazing year with your children.

Mrs Gurnsey

We are celebrating!

Find out more about how we achieved The Bristol Standard  in our News section here

Meet Hedgehog Class!

Meet Hedgehog Class! 1

The homemade nativity

Wow, wow, wow!!!! So super proud of the children both in Hedgehogs and Badgers class for their awesome performances of our Christmas Nativity Play. They have all worked so hard. Every word had been written by the children and they had also decided how it would all be staged. An absolutely fantastic effort!!!! Enjoy the photos!!!..................

Christmas dinner with our grown ups!!!

Thank you to our kitchen staff for a yummy Christmas dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal and it was lovely to see everyone chatting and enjoying this special time of year!!! 

Christmas craft morning

What a wonderful start to Christmas we had in school on Thursday morning (30th November)!!!! Our Christmas craft morning was a really lovely time, we had 26 adults come to join us!!!! And quite a few toddlers too!! It was such a special time to see the children so proud to have their grown ups there with them so a huge thank to all those who came. Have a look below at the photos that were taken on the day and the decorations are now on the tree in the hall and also on the tree in the classroom (which is now a 6ft tree after the horror on Reuben's face at the small tree I had originally bought!!!! "Mrs Gurnsey, what's that??? Why is it so small?!!!!!!) A selection of our decorations have also gone to St Johns Church in Keynsham to decorate their tree too!!

Our first trip to the library!!

We ventured out on our first walk to Keynsham library on Wednesday 22nd November. A huge thank you to the helpers who came along to ensure our children enjoyed this super opportunity and also thank you to Mrs Roach who came in on her day off to help as she didn't want to miss the children's first trip!! The children walked so well and were really sensible when it came to crossing the roads. We had lots of fun choosing books to look at and sharing them with our helpers. We were even able to bring 20 back to school with us by using our Hedgehog Class library card! 

On the way back we noticed a very unusual duck on the duck pond who didn't look like any of the other ducks. Marnie and her parents went back and photographed the duck and she has discovered it is a Mandarin Duck and appears to be a little lost!!! 

Have a look at the fun we had!!

Manor woods trip

What a fantastic morning we had at Manor Woods!! A massive thank you to all the parents that came along to help. Despite the drizzle that later turned into rain we all enjoyed our walk. We hunted for twigs of different sizes that we are going to use for something special later in the week. We found some dens that had been previously been made and we enjoyed getting in them and also adding to them. One of them had been built by Oliver a few weeks before with his daddy. We all stopped to have our snack with Badger class too. With our full waterproofs in it meant we could sit down for snack. It also meant that we could enjoy getting muddy without getting our uniforms dirty!! 

We had to walk through lots of squelchy mud that in places was really thick and very slippery!! Agnes said she felt like we were "going on a bear hunt". One of the mummies said it felt like we were "mud skating"!!!

When we got back to school we talked about our favourite parts of the morning : 

Leo - "all the mud"

Jonah - " I enjoyed all of it"

Charlie B - "watching the buggy go over the gate"!!!!! (Margot was completely unaware!!!!)






Look how much fun we had in Manor Woods!!

Manor Woods trip- Monday 20/11/17

Thank you to all those who have said they can help with our trip to Manor Woods. I will put up a list of names outside the classroom.


Lots of discovery on a frosty morning!!

our first trip to the library will be Wednesday 22/11/17.

A list of helpers names will go up outside our classroom. 

Our first reading morning........

please note that reading morning will start on thursday 9/11/17

Show and tell

The children are loving our Show and Tell sessions on a Friday afternoon. Their confidence is building every week!!!! They stand and talk about what they have brought in to show and also answer questions both from adults and peers. They choose children to ask questions. This develops their questioning language too as well as their listening skills and the school value of respect as they sit and make sure they are a quality audience. Here are some photos from Fridays (3.11.17) session..............


The children enjoyed having the opportunity to make and eat their own toast this morning for the first time! (31.10.17) We had about half the class bring their 10p in and I'm sure the delicious smell will encourage others to have a go in following weeks. The children all had a discussion about safety and how we must be very sensible and careful when we are near the toaster. They could tell me all about how the metal on the toaster gets hot and that they must not touch it. They all used the toaster themselves in groups of 4 and with guidance from an adult. They then went to sit together at the snack table and buttered their own toast, cut it up and ate it. They all then washed up their own plate and knife ready for the next group.


WOW!!! what a busy first term it has been in Hedgehog Class!! We have all settled really well and are having lots of fun learning through play with our new friends. We are already showing lovely friendship groups and have learnt the routines of the day very quickly! We have started learning our Phonics and have also been having carpet times where we have been learning our numbers. Lots of us are wanting to practise our writing and have loved having whiteboards to write on and also large sheets of paper with big chunky pens.

Mrs Gurnsey and Mrs Roach and Miss Johnson are really proud of how well we have settled and what a super class we have already become!

Here are a selection of photos showing you some of the exciting things we have been up to......

Phonics Workshop for parents & carers

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that attended the workshop in school. If you were unable to attend, but would be interested in an early evening workshop then please come and let us know. If we have enough interest, we will hold a second session.


Below is the PowerPoint Presentation we shared during the morning, with lots of great information to help you support your child with reading and writing. 

Reading Morning


Our reading morning will be on a Thursday. This is an opportunity for you to come in at the start of the day and share a book with your child. Reading morning is from 8.50am - 9.10am.

Please don't worry is this is something you can't make as we will always make sure your child has an adult to read with.



Our PE day will be Thursday. Children will need their PE kit in school everyday. Children will be doing PE in the school hall and will not need daps until later in the school year.