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Congratulations to the EYFS team.

We are delighted to be able to share with you that the Early Years Foundation Stage team (our Reception classes) have achieved The Bristol Standard. The Bristol Standard is recognised nationally as an outstanding self-evaluation framework and the benefits and impact of its approach have been well evidenced. Through team reflection and discussion, the strengths of the setting are celebrated and future priorities become clear. The Bristol Standard enables practitioners to talk more knowledgeably about what they do, why they do it and the difference it is making for children and families in their care. Settings who engage with the process are more likely to be judged as good or better.

Here is what the validation panel had to say about our evidence:



“Thank you for submitting your folder which was very informative and comprehensive and gave a very good picture of your setting. We were impressed to see how your strong focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing is reflected in the enabling environment that you have created. It is clear that you have a real understanding of children’s development and

take their individual interests into account; we particularly liked the photos of the boy mark making outside and children engaged in risk taking. You have clearly worked hard as a team to create an environment in which your children can thrive; your photographic evidence shows their engagement in a broad range of learning opportunities.

You obviously aim to engage parent right from the start and your targets show that you have a commitment to building upon this. We look forward to hearing about your progress in your submission next year. Well done for all your hard work.”