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Online safety

In an ever changing world of technology where even our youngest children have access to a wide range of information and images it is of the utmost importance that we keep them safe online. Throughout their time in Chandag Infant School we achieve this in many different ways including SWGFL filter system, 'Hector the dolphin', taking part in internet safety day, through the computing curriculum that is covered all year and through reminders and checks displayed in each classroom to refer to whenever needed.


Hector the dolphin

Hector is a picture of a dolphin that swims in the corner of all the school computers that the children use. He is an icon and if the children read or see an image that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset they can click on him and his image gets bigger and covers the screen until the children can tell an adult and discuss what they have seen. The teacher will then report any inappropriate websites or images to SWGFL who will ensure that the site is filtered. 

Most of the time the children report seeing a picture of a dinosaur or a monster or they read a scary story and it is a great opportunity to discuss the way that different things can be perceived and about the likes and dislikes of other people.