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School Council and Equalities Team

Our school council is elected from Y1 and Y2 children in September every year and brings information from the classes to our attention. They have been involved in the development of our School Values and also our beautiful new school logo. YR children are elected to join the School Council in the Summer Terms. 


Previously the council members raised funds for Mencap by organising their own Bring and Buy Sale. They raised over £100 in an hour! Some of the council members worked with children from other schools on the things they felt children should experience when they are a child. This now forms the Keynsham Passport of '80 things to do before you are 18' which launched in September 2015.

Our School Council meets with Mrs Hayes two times a term.  We are going to have a suggestion box in the hall this year, where children can put forward their ideas.  School Council members talk to their class and to the school about the school council and what they are doing.

Our School Council with their new badges!

Our School Council with their new badges! 1

School Council & E-Team MEeting Minutes 

Meeting 1: 20.09.17

School council met with Mrs Hayes, Mrs Smart and Mrs McOmish to discuss lunchtimes. Mrs McOmish was keen to hear what children at school like about lunchtimes and what they would improve. Everyone had something to contribute. Then the councillors went back to their classes to chair a class council meeting. All the children had a chance to speak and the class teachers took notes to pass back to Mrs Hayes.


Meeting 2: 17.10.17

Our meeting today was attended by all school council members, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Bancroft. Mrs Bancroft kicked things off by explaining that the councillors at our school have two jobs as they are also the Equalities Team representatives. Mrs Hayes fed back on the class council sessions where the children discussed lunchtimes. There were some very interesting suggestions from all year groups, these are now with Mrs Smart and Mrs McOmish and they will get back to us with their decisions. Mrs Hayes raised the next item which was about becoming a more environmentally friendly school. The councillors had some great suggestions about energy saving and recycling and they are going to hold a class council next term to discuss things further with the rest of the school. The meeting closed with Mrs Hayes giving out the smart new school council badges to all members!