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2016,17 Data Summary


  • Attainment in reading is above National at the Y2 Standard and at Greater Depth
  • Attainment has been consistently above the national figure.


Attainment in Writing is slightly below National for this year. This is not typical for our school in previous years. The new curriculum in 2014 is a complete fit model and has impacted on our attainment. This is a whole school focus for 2017/18.


  • Attainment in maths is above National at the Year 2 Standard and at Greater Depth.

Progress from the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children make good progress from Early Years to the end of Key Stage 1.


Historically, children enter our school in Reception at or below age related expectations and leave at or above the national expectation in Year 2. 

In Reception, Children are assessed in line with National guidelines as in the previous academic years.

In Year 1, children are tested for their knowledge of sounds (phonics) in the form of a National Phonics Check. We will be letting you know how to support your child in preparing for this. For the past 3 years,the percentage of pupils passing this check is at or above National levels. 

In year 2, you will be told whether your child is 'Working towards' the Standard, 'at the Standard' or working at 'Greater Depth'. More explanation will be given in the Spring term of Year 2.