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Starting Reception

Early Years Education

We believe that children in Reception should have a positive start to their school life and we work hard to ensure that this is the case.  The children in Badgers' Class are taught by Mrs Hayes and Mrs Yeates.

In Hedgehogs' Class, children are taught by Mrs Gurnsey. Mrs Roach, Mrs Mead, Miss Johnson and Mr Trenchard also teach and support the children in Reception.

Reception has its own designated outdoor play area and the children also play in the main playground. From starting in Reception children will start to be taught different aspects of literacy and numeracy through a play-based curriculum and you will be helped with ideas regarding how to support to your child at home.  

In September, all new Reception children are offered a  home visit. Children initially start part time in order to enable them to become confident  with their new setting and the members of staff involved in their care. Although this might seem like a difficult period logistically, especially after attending full time nursery in some cases, it is an essential induction period where detailed baseline assessments are made and the children are able to adjust to the far greater ratio of children to adults.  For this, we do need those first few weeks where only half the class are present at any one time. Details of this induction period are given to parents in May/June of the year that they start school.

Children visit our school prior to their start and we work hard to ensure that we have all the relevant information about your child in order that they can have the best possible start to school life.  Our doors are always open if you wish to talk about your child - we shall be delighted to see you. If your family requires an interpreter please let us know.