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Who's Who

Annie Smart - Headteacher

Amanda Haskins - Chair of Governors

Helen Bancroft -  Inclusion Leader

Claire Weeks - Administrator


Reception Classes

Catriona Hayes - EYFS Leader and part time class teacher in Badgers

Jenna Yeates - Part time class teacher in Badgers

Claire Gurnsey - Class Teacher in Hedgehogs


Year 1

Michelle Lucas - Class Teacher in Squirrels  

Anna Seal - part time Class Teacher in Otters

Cathy Veith-Edwards - Part time class teacher in Otters


Year 2

Karen Evans -  Class Teacher in Kingfishers

Hannah Goebel NQT - Class Teacher in Owls 


Sarah Stone - Specialist Sports Teacher

Emma Richardson - PPA Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Debbie Bridgeman

Natasha Butler - HLTA

Hannah Johnson

Julie May

Claire Mead

Gill Roach

Terry Sears

Nic Stride

Mark Trenchard


Ray Randell - School Caretaker

Louise - School Cook


School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Liz Barker

Alex Holloway

Natalie McOmish - Senior SMSA

Mark Trenchard

Marion Tucker

Tracey Twiggs

Claire Mead











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