School clubs

At Chandag Infant School, we have a variety of clubs on offer throughout the year. Some run for 1 or 2 terms and some run all year. Please contact the school for further information.

Currently we offer:

  • Tyrone Mings Football – Monday after school for all year groups
  • Kingswood Gymnastics – Monday Lunchtimes and after school for all year groups
  • Danni’s Dance academy – Monday & Tuesday Lunchtimes for all year groups
  • Yoga - Tuesday lunch times with Mrs Hayes (Badger class teacher)
  • Dance Umbrella - Wednesday after school for years 1 and 2.


Phonics is a key part of children's reading and spelling tools. Watch and listen to the short phonics film on the correct way to pronounce sounds or phonemes.

If anyone has any questions or would like further advice for how to support their child then do not hesitate to come and see your child's class teacher.

The children complete the Phonics screening every year during term 6.

Useful websites to help you learn

There are thousands of useful websites to help support your learning at home.

For websites specific to your class that your teacher recommends, please visit your class page.

Other helpful pages: